The Scrap Metal audiobook is live! – GIVEAWAY

I’m so excited to announce that Audible has completed the audiobook recording of Scrap Metal. It’s a beautiful unabridged whopper at 12+ hours, so you can immerse yourself thoroughly in Nichol and Cameron’s world. Here is the buy link:-

Narrator Sean Gormley has done an amazing job. I always find it thoroughly unsettling to experience my words “off-paper”, and I inevitably skip past the sex scenes (it is possible to die of embarrassment, you know), but I am really delighted by this production. Sean has a great voice and conjures the atmosphere of Arran brilliantly. has been very generous with promotional codes, and to celebrate this launch, I have TWO shiny free Scrap Metal audiobooks to give away. Just leave a comment here or on Facebook, and at this time next week I’ll draw two lucky winners.


10 thoughts on “The Scrap Metal audiobook is live! – GIVEAWAY

  1. I am new to audio books and am wondering what took me so long to try them. It is amazing how relaxing it is to have someone read to you.


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