A Momentous Day! :-D

Those of you who’ve been following my authorial adventures for some time (and if not, why not? Hmmmmm? 🙂 will know that I’ve had a Certain Sequel to a Certain Book on the back boiler for a long, long, long while.

Yes. The book is Last Line. And, yes…

I have finally finished book two.

I feel as if someone finally moved a giant truck out of my head that’s been parked there for about three years. Why was this one such a struggle for me? Partly because the publisher I initially submitted to rightly pointed out that the sequel, as it stands, doesn’t conform too well to romance guidelines. Don’t worry, no cardinal rules have been broken, and you know I hold my readers’ hearts in my hands as carefully as if they were my own, but there is a long prologue, and certain other dynamics which take this baby quite a long way off-piste.

I could have rewritten it. But my love for the mystery and magic of it all eventually made me resolve to preserve the storyline, get it finished – which would have happened a year or so ago had not a certain Gideon Frayne and Lee Tyack hijacked my imagination – and publish it myself through FoxTales.

So, in a month or so, once I have cover art and all the peripherals, I will be releasing the mythical beast that is Last Line 2 – Ring Around the Sun upon you. Mike and John certainly gave me a lot of trouble to get their story born, but I’m as deeply in love with them as it’s possible to be.

I did have thoughts of releasing the prologue/prequel as a separate novella, but ultimately decided to include it into Ring Around the Sun. I reckoned it might be potentially confusing/frustrating for readers to have to purchase a novella in the middle to be able to make sense of the final book. So it’s coming as a complete package, and I feel you are going to love it – not just Mike and John’s story but Marina and Leo’s too.

And who are Marina and Leo?

Why, John’s mother and Mike’s father, that’s who.

Believe me, Mike and John were almost brothers. 😀

Watch this space, my website, FB and Twitter for blurb, excerpt and a confirmed release date. I’m saying a month but it might well be sooner than that if I can lash my editing staff into the appropriate state of well-lathered fury.



2 thoughts on “A Momentous Day! :-D

  1. Harper, thank you. That’s wonderful news. I love Last Line and have been waiting for the sequel. I recently ordered Scrap Metal on Audible and would love to read more of your books on Audible. Thanks again.


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