Last Line 2 competition – I have winners!

I have winners! Thank you so much, everyone, for leaving your comments – it’s much appreciated, and if you weren’t lucky this time, please don’t worry – I will be setting up lots more win-a-book contests in future.

Three names from Facebook came out of Lucy’s little hat, and two from my blog. My FB winners are… drum roll…  Kerry Cox, Oor Jane and Linda Nasuta (that catnip must’ve worked, Lin!), and from the blog, Maebhinn and Kim Tobin.

Congratulations to you all. Please either email me at, or PM me on Facebook, letting me know your email addie and the format you’d like for your prize. I have mobi copies, epubs and pdfs.

Thanks to you all again! Last Line 2 is “in review” at Amazon even as we speak, so I’m hoping it might go live either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, but I’m hearing horror stories lately of people being kept waiting up to 72 hours. I had a long wait too with my last release, and almost blew a circuit, so this time it is my intention to stay calm. Well, you know what the road to hell is paved with. 😀 Please forgive me and the Zon for any delays – we’ll keep you posted!


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