Cold Fusion – competition and prizes!

A very happy New Year to you all! The first working week in January is not always the easiest time, so I’m here to throw around some handfuls of belated festive glitter in the form of freebies and prizes, and also to bewilder you with another of my improbable marketing efforts. 😀

My latest full-length novel, Cold Fusion, releases on the 5th of January. I’ve never tried to launch a book at the very beginning of a Mercury retrograde, so that ought to be interesting. (Let the communications-failure circus begin!) Despite all the usual qualms, I’m tremendously excited about this book. I’m already getting positive feedback from advance reviewers, which is great, and Samhain Publishing have outdone themselves with the print editions. They’re satiny-smooth and beautifully designed, and I’d like to offer three of them – signed and dedicated, of course – as prizes. Yes, the competition will be global. Postage costs abroad will be probably be higher than the list price of the print book, but it’s still worthwhile to me to get signed copies to people who’d really cherish them.

Now, because these books are particularly nice, I’m not going to do my usual, “Leave a comment, any comment!” Yep, I’m gonna make you work for it. Here’s the deal. Can you think of any character from my books you’d like to meet? And if you could, what would you ask him? (Or her! There’s a few ladies in there, few and far between!) To be in with a chance of winning your signed, dedicated copy of Cold Fusion, leave your answer in a comment here or at my Facebook page.

I’ll pick three winners at random, so it’s not a contest as such. But (always supposing I get more than three answers ;-D) I’ll arrange for the guys from my books to come along to my blog and answer everyone’s questions in turn, maybe one a week, starting with the prizewinners’. Everyone will get to talk to their favourite person from the FoxWorld.

Does that sound like fun? I think it does, but I suck at this, so what do I know? I would really love to hear from you, and I’d be intrigued to hear what you’d like to ask. As a fourth and fifth-place prize, I’ll offer a choice of any ebook – including Cold Fusion –from my backlist. And, of course, if you prefer not to read print and you win a paperback, you can trade it off for an ebook.

Have a think about it, and very best of luck. I’ll keep the competition open until Friday, 8th of January. Of course I’ll need your land address to send out print volumes, but I will consider that information as private and sacred as if it were my own.

And if all this malarkey is way too complicated for the post-holiday slump, Cold Fusion is available to pre-order right now from Samhain!

Also at Amazon, All Romance eBooks and all your usual outlets.



24 thoughts on “Cold Fusion – competition and prizes!

  1. I would definitely want to meet Gideon. He is one of my favorites of all time, but I have no idea what I would ask him. I would probably just want to stand him a pint and chat! Though I would probably get tongue tied, freak out and ask him the time and run off.


  2. I’d like to ask Laurie if he could ever be persuaded back to Hollywood? Maybe now he’s older and more aware of how bad it can be he could be better prepared?


  3. Oh Kittens! I would love to meet Lee and Gideon. Just because I simply love them individually but they’re one of my all time favorite couples. And I would ask each of the gentlemen, as Tamsyn grows up, which of the Dads would be the tougher parent and would it be due to her extraordinary abilities and or just because she’s their daughter and do they want any more kidlins?
    Thank you Harper! Have a grand release day!


  4. I’d like to meet up with Rayne and Dan from The Salisbury Key. I’d ask them how they adventures turned out and are they up to now a days.


  5. Hmmm….can I ask to meet all of them?? If I have to choose, which seems so very wrong, it would be Aaron. Life After Joe was the first HF book I read and it became the bar to which all others have been measured.


  6. What a difficult question! There are so many of your characters I would like to meet… But as I can choose only one, it would be Rayne ( The Salisbury Key was the first book I read written by you, and it is very special), and I would like to ask him what he thought about Daniel the first time he saw him, when he was still with Jason…
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway 😉


  7. Because I’ve just re-read the Tyack & Frayne series, I’d choose one of them. I’d ask Gideon how he feels about his increasing extra-sensory powers; he was always very understanding about Lee’s but regarded him as exceptional, so is he able to be as calm about his own?


  8. I’d want to ask Flynn from Driftwood how he’s doing. I’d be especially interested in him staying safe and valuing his life so he can enjoy a long and happy one (hopefully) with his partner Tom. 🙂


  9. I am so pleased to see all these great responses, questions and suggestions! I never know whether people are going to like my marketing efforts or not, so it’s always a bit of a nerve-racking punt for me. But this is great. Thank you so much. All your names are going into my little woolly hat, and each and every one of you will have your question answered (in detail!) by the character concerned – yes, Simon, even Belle! – in future weekly blog posts. Wonderful! Keep ’em coming, everyone – I’ll be running this comp until Friday.


  10. I would love to talk to Fenrir! What would I ask him? Hmm… maybe I would ask if there was anything from his old life that he missed and what he is happy to be rid of!


  11. I would love to talk with Lee and Gideon. I don’t think I could pick one or the other, since I love them both and I love them together. Not sure what I would ask them. Maybe just how they are, how they’re doing with all the changes in their lives, how Tamsyn is, what’s next for them.


  12. I would like to meet and be neighbors with Nichol and Cam and eavesdrop on them as they read poetry from Harry’s books to each other. The question….how could they love each other more?


  13. I tried to post once before but it doesn’t look like it went through, so hopefully this won’t end up posting twice! I’d like to meet Gideon and Lee. I definitely couldn’t pick only one of them. I love them and I love them together. Not sure what I would ask, maybe just how they’re dealing with the changes in their lives, how Tamsyn is, and what’s next for them.


  14. I’d love to meet Nichol and ask him how the farm was going; to find out how he was doing without his Granda and whether he and Archie were still friends; whether his Cameron was still sculpting, and whether they ever got to meet the Basque gardner 😉


    1. Chad, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what kind of schedule WordPress is on but I’ve been receiving notifications very late. Anyway, I see your post now. Those are some excellent questions! Nichol will be answering them all in your own tailor-made post in due course, and your name has gone into the hat for the prizes. Thank you for your patience!


      1. That’s no problem – I understand the vicissitudes of electronic media.

        I’m really looking forward to hearing from Nichol about his progress on his PhD – I don’t envy him having to do it by distance


  15. Aaron from Life After Joe – he was such a calm, but incredibly charismatic character – the line about it not making the pain go away…oh, that just gets me every time! Plus this was the first of your books I read, so it’s a sentimental favourite. ❤


  16. Calling Hollis, Butterflyblue2you and Mandi! (I’ve already heard from Simon and Juliana)! Just in case you didn’t see my “Announcing Prizewinners” post the other day, here is the important bit… 😀

    The winners of a signed and dedicated print copy of Cold Fusion are:-

    Hollis, Butterflyblue2you and Simon. Congrats, all! Please email me at with your land address. Also, tell me what name you’d like me to use in the dedication. It will be my great pleasure to get those sent out to you.

    Mandi and Juliana, you’re my other prizewinners. Go ahead and pick any book from my backlist, including Cold Fusion. You can find all my books listed here:-

    Email me your choice at, and tell me which format you’d like. I have epub, mobi (Kindle) and pdf for most of my titles. If by any chance you’ve already read them all, I’ll put you down for a copy of my next release.


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