Gid and Lee to Butterflyblue!

Some of you may just be old enough to remember that, long, long ago, I ran a competition to win signed copies of the Cold Fusion paperback, and to make it more fun, I asked people which of my characters they’d most like to meet, and what they’d ask them if they could. I liked the questions so much that I decided I’d invite the guys from my books along to answer in person. Then all kinds of real-life malarkey ploughed in, and it’s only now that I’ve got around to scheduling the first of the meetings. We all apologise for the delay! We’re starting off this weekly feature with the winners of my Cold Fusion comp, and this Sunday it’s the turn of Butterflyblue2you. After that I’ll be answering in order of questions asked, so watch this space. If you’re one of my Facebook friends, I’ll give you the heads-up there. Hope you all enjoy these intimate little side-lights into the lives of my protags…

Welcome to the Merry Morgawr, the harbourside pub in Falmouth where Lee used to put in shifts as a bartender before his clairvoyant career took off. It’s still a favourite haunt for him and for Gideon, and they’re happy to meet their readers in there and answer questions about the Tyack & Frayne series.

Butterflyblue2you said…

I would love to meet Lee and Gideon. Just because I simply love them individually but they’re one of my all time favorite couples. And I would ask each of the gentlemen, as Tamsyn grows up, which of the Dads would be the tougher parent and would it be due to her extraordinary abilities and or just because she’s their daughter and do they want any more kidlins?

Lee: Pleasure to meet you, Butterflyblue. Hope you like the Morgawr. It’s a bit of an old dive but you can get a decent pint of local brew, and the spider-webs scare the all but the bravest tourists away. Gid will be here in a second – he’s just had to stop off to make sure Sarah Kemp can babysit Tamsie and the dog. So I’m going to cheat and answer my part of your first question before he gets here, because I’m sure he’d just argue if he heard.

You know how in most relationships, there’s a “silly one” and a “policeman”? Well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea – one who always wants to spend money and one who watches the budget, or one who still loves kids’ TV while the other one watches Panorama, that kind of thing. I don’t think I’m exactly the silly one, but Gideon is… well, he’s definitely the policeman. And, so far, when it comes to parenting Tamsyn, he’s had to be the tough guy.

I tried to explain it to him that day when poor Zeke came to visit and the kid went full-Poltergeist on him. At the moment, while she’s still little, she’s not differentiating between herself and me, so how is she supposed to take me seriously? I’m just another toddler in the park as far as she’s concerned. Gideon, now… Oh, wait. Here he comes – he can tell you himself…

Hang on. Is he bringing my child and the dog into a pub?

Gid: Well, Sarah was out. Did you expect me to leave them in the street? Ted behind the bar won’t mind – he owes me more than a favour or two. I bet Butterfly here won’t mind either. Hoi, Isolde, don’t sit on her feet. Was Lee spinning you some yarn about how he plans to evade his parental responsibilities for the next dozen years or so?

Lee: That’s no yarn, handsome.

Gid: Oh, great. I tell you what, it was hard for me to take a high hand with her. It always was, always will be. But I’ll do it when I have to, and my other half there can kid you all he wants – he’s the world’s best backstop. I don’t think this poor kid’s ever gonna get to do the divide-and-conquer thing. Even if she was planning it, Cornwall’s finest psychic would see it coming a mile off.

Joking aside, we’ll have to pull together, exactly because of who she is – her abilities, I mean. We’d both realised by early this year that we couldn’t get the genie back in the bottle. Since then she’s been testing herself – and us – at every turn, and all we can do is help channel her, make sure she doesn’t scare the wrong people or break anything irreplaceable. She’s bright. We’ll get there.

Lee: She’s already worked out that levitating stuff in the privacy of her own home is okay. Zeke’s still a bit weirded out by it all, but he knows not to throw his weight around anymore.

Gid: Not unless he wants it thrown back at him.

Lee: And Ma Frayne just thinks it’s cool. Last time we left those two alone together, she had the kid handing her her knitting wool from the far side of the room. Don’t get us wrong – we are pretty scared about what the future might hold. But what parent isn’t? As for having more of ’em… You have got to be kidding.

Gid: He always says that when it’s his turn to do the nappy change. But I remember he once told me he wanted about a dozen of them, and a dog and a goldfish. So never say never, and you might recall we’ve had some news recently which might mean we end up with a bigger house. But that’s a whole different story, and we both hope Harper might get around to telling it next year…

Coming next…

Be sure to drop into the Morgawr next Sunday! It’s Tom and Flynn’s favourite local, too, and they’ll be chatting to Hollis, who said… I’d want to ask Flynn from Driftwood how he’s doing. I’d be especially interested in him staying safe and valuing his life so he can enjoy a long and happy one (hopefully) with his partner Tom.


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