Belle to Simon!

It looks as though we’ve got just about enough electricity left in our household batteries for me to make my regular Sunday post! This week it’s Simon’s turn, and he has this question for Belle, Tom’s wolfhound from Driftwood:-

Where do you prefer to be exercised? As a Cornish Wolfhound I’m wondering if you’ve tried Daymer Bay?

(Over to you, Belle!)

It’s Equinox, that one magical day in spring when all Cornish dogs are granted the gift of language, and I, Queen Belle of Porth Bay, am taking the opportunity to answer Simon’s most intelligent and discerning question about my preference when it comes to walks.

I’m sure he will understand that, being the devoted companion and guardian to my beloved humans, Tom and Flynn, I now have many tracks about the countryside which I consider to be sacred to Wolfhounds and Love. My first, of course, is Porth Bay itself, where the Penwith Poseidon (a deity known unto very discerning dogs only) was kind enough to deliver Flynn from the depths of the ocean into my master’s arms! (Neither would have lived to tell the tale had I not leapt in to rescue them, although Tom maintains to this day that I bit him in the process – an appalling slander. I barely broke the skin.)

Next would have to be the clifftops near Morvah, where we sometimes go to contemplate broken sea-glass and mended hearts. I must say, if only the tower had chosen to fall on the day of the Equinox, how much easier my task would have been! Instead of rushing up and down the stairs, whining, and making several more approaches to actual bad behaviour – something I never indulge – I could simply have said, “Excuse me, gentlemen. Our home is about to tumble off the cliff-top and into the ocean. You may find it wise to evacuate the premises now.” So much more dignified, for everyone concerned.

In third place I have to list our now-infamous walk on the moors by Lanyon Quoit. I am a Dog of the World, and little shocks me, but, having drawn my two handsome masters together by power of my magical weaving, I little anticipated the effects! Great Sirius! I had to pretend to go and chase a rabbit!

As for Daymer Bay – ah, yes, a beautiful place. Every May when we make our family pilgrimage to Padstow to see ’Obby ’Oss (a very ancient Wolfhound in disguise, I believe, although I don’t trouble the humans with my insights on this matter), Tom and Flynn make it up to me for the crowds and the noise with a dash along Trebetherick sands afterwards. A majestic place, although – I hope Simon will forgive me for pointing this out – it is just a little too close to England for comfort. Yes, I am a Wild Southwest Wolfhound, a true Penwith Princess!

Harper here! (Move over, Belle!) Simon, we hope that answered your excellent question. Next week, if I’m allowed to take back my blog again… Oh, no, it looks as though I’m not, because Julie wants to speak to Gideon, and she says:-

I would definitely want to meet Gideon. He is one of my favorites of all time, but I have no idea what I would ask him. I would probably just want to stand him a pint and chat! Though I would probably get tongue tied, freak out and ask him the time and run off.

Well, that would be a shame, because I’m sure Gid has plenty to say. Maybe he can persuade her to stick around! 😀


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