Gideon and Lee to Toni!

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Good evening, and welcome to the Sunday blog. Many apologies again for my absence last week, but it’s now my pleasure to post in relation to Toni’s question. Toni said:-

I would love to talk with Lee and Gideon. I don’t think I could pick one or the other, since I love them both and I love them together. Not sure what I would ask them. Maybe just how they are, how they’re doing with all the changes in their lives, how Tamsyn is, what’s next for them.


Gideon: Hard to believe it’s been just over two years since we came down to Kelyndar. This time we decided – for some reason or other – can’t think why – to avoid the Golowan celebrations.

Lee: Maybe because we saw what Tamsie could do with torches in Penzance, and we didn’t want to let her loose with flaming barrels of tar.

Gideon: Oh, yeah. That might have been one of the reasons. Also, our Holly King and Oak King days are done. We’re sober, responsible citizens now. Family men, and all that.

Lee: Ah, that’ll be why I caught you up an apple tree when we went to visit the Lowen house on Morgan Hill the other day. Because you’re such a sober, responsible citizen.

Gideon, with dignity: No. Because they’ve always grown the best apples in the world up at Lowen, and it’s a Frayne family tradition to scrump ’em. Your face, though! You couldn’t look the estate agent in the eye after that.

Lee: Are you surprised? She’s apoplectic already because Dev Bowen’s executors are holding the price down. She said she should’ve been able to sell the place a dozen times over. But somehow all the offers she’s had so far have fallen through. I wonder why that is?

Gideon: You tell me, Mystic Meg! Dev Bowe said he wanted us to have it. We’d have to sell Tamsyn and a few organs to get it, though, even at knock-down price. And then it wants gutting and renovating… No, better stick to our flat, even if it is a bit cramped. The insurance rebuild is a very nice job. And besides, we live half our lives at the Drift farmhouse anyway.

Lee: You’re right. Things couldn’t be much better for us at the moment, Toni – thank you for asking. I’m hip-deep in a new series of Spirits of Cornwall, which I’m scripting in intervals of chasing Tamsyn and Isolde round the living room to retrieve whatever they just stole from my desk. Tamsie got the idea about not pulling the poor beast’s tail, but Isolde was only too happy to be used as a walking frame, and now they’re a dangerous tag-team. To be honest, Gid, I’m glad all the Southwest police restructuring’s kept you from starting your CID work. God help us when I can’t threaten her with wait till your dad gets home anymore.

Gideon: Well, she’ll probably be in university by the time they get themselves sorted out, so I wouldn’t worry. We brought her down to Kelyndar to visit Cosmic Ray and Kitto, Toni, and to sit out here on the veranda and look at the carved dragons on the pillars. Kitto’s a lot better now. He’s talking again, and he’s thinking about taking up one of his old summer jobs as a surf instructor. And… it sounds mean, but bringing Tamsyn into Ray’s shop was a bit of a test.

Lee: Yeah. It’s a treasure cave. Even I want to grab everything. So we reckoned, if she could stop herself from levitating the crystals and pulling all the mirrors and sparkly curtains off the walls, we’d be making progress. And Ray was kind enough to say he didn’t mind if she trashed the place.

Gideon: But she didn’t. She did really, really well. Tell you what – Ray’s a good guy. I’m not sure I know anybody else who’d be laid-back enough to let a toddler with psychokinetic powers into his shop.

Cosmic Ray, emerging from the shop and leaning on the balcony rail: Thanks, dude, but I can’t help but notice there’s a little dog floating through the air just by the creek there.

Gideon: Shit.

Lee: Swear box!

Gideon: I’ll owe it. How much now?

Lee: Fifty-seven quid, by my count. Tamsyn Elizabeth Tyack-Frayne, put that down now. No, not in the water – on the ground, and gently.

Gideon: To be fair to her, she’s always gentle. Oh dear – that feels like a bit of a setback, though.

Ray: Well, she’s on unfamiliar turf. Like, maybe she knows she can’t make little dogs float in Dark, but she doesn’t know the same applies in Kelyndar.

Lee: That actually makes some kind of sense. Ray, the one thing that doesn’t seem to strike you as odd is the fact that she can make little dogs float at all.

Ray: Oh, man. By comparison with some of the things I’ve seen, that’s nothing.

Gideon, getting up and lifting Tamsyn off Lee’s lap: What would you do if you weren’t living in the wild, weird Southwest, you unearthly monster child? What do we do when we see something we want, and it’s not within arm’s reach? What do we do if we want the little dog?

Tamsyn: WALK!

Lee: That’s right. Speaking of which, we’d better. Toni, Ray – it’s been lovely to see you. Give our best to Kitto and your kids. Gid, you’ll have to be village bobby for a while longer – someone will be grieving for their little floating dog…


We all hope you enjoyed that, Toni! Next week’s blog will be an interesting one. We’re off to beautiful Arran to meet Nichol and Cam, because Patrice Vizzone’s turn. Patrice said:-

I would like to meet and be neighbors with Nichol and Cam and eavesdrop on them as they read poetry from Harry’s books to each other. The question….how could they love each other more?




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