Audio extravaganza!

I hope you will forgive another interruption to the regular Sunday blog. We’re just back from holiday, and the Lammas season has started, so I’m a very busy Pagan. And, in case you hadn’t realised, I am very, very excited about the wonderful deal my agent has just completed on my behalf with Audible, so I thought I’d use the blog today to bring you some details of that.

While we were in Cornwall, the Knight Agency contacted me to say that Deidre Knight had succeeded in placing no fewer than eleven of my FoxTales titles with Audible for production as audiobooks. I was absolutely blown away. I know that many, many of my readers love audiobooks, and just at present there’s no way I could have afforded to get the titles produced at my own expense. So this is a huge leap for me, and I’m very grateful indeed to Deidre.

Now, I don’t know when the new audiobooks will be released, but I will keep you posted with dates as soon as I have them. Next, I must tell you that although I will have some input into the choice of narrator, that input will be limited, and the books will be audio-produced in the US. So, for instance, I won’t be able to specify that I want a handsome merman with just a touch of a far-west Cornish accent (which might give you a clue to one of the titles Audible has bought :-D). If I am lucky, as with the Scrap Metal audiobook, I might get an American narrator who has a genuine talent for whatever British accent is appropriate to the story. I hope you’ll understand that the chances of finding a homegrown narrator with the right regional accent are minimal! Please be assured that I will guard these babies of mine as closely as is practicable, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we end up with finished audio products which will go down well on both sides of the Atlantic.

So… drum roll… let me announce my upcoming audio titles! (I think some of you will be very pleased to see the books on this list.)

A Midwinter Prince and The Lost Prince

Last Line books 1 and 2

All Roads Lead To You

Half Moon Chambers

In Search Of Saints

Kestrel’s Chance

Marty And The Pilot

Priddy’s Tale

Wolf Hall

Wow. I still can’t quite believe it! No Tyack & Frayne just yet, but Gideon and Lee will definitely find their way into audio at some point in the future. So watch this space for news, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!



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