T & F Print Volume 2

So, I’ve finished the formatting for the paperback Tyack & Frayne volume two – Kitto, Guardians of the Haunted Moor and Third Solstice. If I say so myself, I’ve done a bloody lovely job. (Modest as ever.) Nice font, good layout, pretty guttering and margins. These things please me. Now it’s off to Shutterstock for a bit of cover art, and I can get my proofing copy, check that all’s well and put it up for sale.

I have to say, formatting for Createspace prints is a nit-picking swine of a job, at least if you want all the bonny headers and footers and page numbers, and for the chapter heads to be on a page on their own and all that kind of thing. You can hire Createspace formatters to do it for you, but of course that costs, and I make such tiny returns on my print stuff that the only way to render the project viable has been to learn the skills and do it myself.

And, to be honest, there are worse ways of spending a fireside evening than noodling away with my section breaks. I am getting close to the end of Seven Summer Nights, but the final chapters are kicking my brain’s butt, and this is maybe my equivalent of a down-time knitting project or an embroidery piece. Hey, I like the idea of the Tyack Tapestry! Tamsyn levitating kitchenware would make a good scene.

electricitySo give me a fortnight or so, and I’ll have buy links for Volume 2. Priddy will soon come following after. As I think I’ve said, it’s my intention to get all my FoxTales books into paperback at some point, which in part is to shore myself up against my Apocalyse Complex, and in part just to please my print readers.

I hope you both enjoy it. ;-D


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