My Festive Shortie – Buy Links


Quite a strange experience, writing this in a fortnight after spending every waking hour since February wrapped up in Seven Summer Nights! I fell in love very fast with Karan and Rob, and I hope you enjoy their little story, too. Here are the buy links:-

Another audiobook giveaway!

halfmoonchambersSo! I think you enjoyed my Last Line audiobook giveaway, and as we plough into the festivities, I’d like to chuck a few more gifties in your direction. This time it’s the Half Moon Chambers audiobook, which, let me tell you, is a rockin’, gorgeous, authentic and lovely adaptation, and I am *fussy* about my voices. 🙂 Once more I have FIVE codes to give away for, and TWO for, and once more all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which you’d like, and Lucy and I will random-pick some winners on Monday. Good luck! xxx

Audiobook Giveaway! Last Line

LastLine cover finalWell, let’s get this audiobook giveaway launched! I’ve been waiting because, although I have gift codes for and, I’m not sure how my European friends can get their hands (or ears) on the prizes. I’ve asked Audible about it, and I’m waiting to hear back, but meanwhile I have FIVE .com and TWO codes for the Last Line audiobooks to give away. Who wants ’em? Just leave a comment here and tell me whether you’d need codes for or I’ll pick my magnificent seven winners on Tuesday. It’s a brilliant production, with a proper Brit narrator and everything! 😀

Seven Summer Winners!

lucycomp041216Well, this was a great little competition. Thank you so much for all the comments. Tyack & Frayne was a winner by a head, neck, and most of the horse, but there were a lot of votes for The Salisbury Key – more than I’d anticipated, and I’ll definitely bear this in mind for the future. It was all food for thought, that’s for sure. I do feel very called to return my attentions to Gideon and Lee as soon as possible in the New Year, but if I’m granted time, strength and imagination, I will eventually turn my attentions to Daniel and Rayne, Sasha and Laurie, and that brand-new Foxanormal. 😀

I really appreciate that so many of you took the time to share your thoughts with me. I had plenty of names to put into my absurd woolly hat, and Lucy (as you can see) was very excited about picking seven of you out. Here are the winners:

From here at the blog – Simon, Carolyn, Dewi and Pat Steifer

And from Facebook –

Justine Anderson, Mary Grimm and Chrystalla Thoma.

Congrats to you all! Now I need to know what prizes you’d like. Please email me at, or PM me on Facebook with your email addie. Remember, you can choose any ebook from my current list – check it out at – and that includes Seven Summer Nights, or if you’ve already got those, I’ll put you down for a copy of my Christmas novella, releasing, I sincerely hope, on 22nd December. If I fail miserably in my festive ambitions, I’ll put you down for whatever comes next off the busy FoxTales press!