Audiobook Giveaway! Last Line

LastLine cover finalWell, let’s get this audiobook giveaway launched! I’ve been waiting because, although I have gift codes for and, I’m not sure how my European friends can get their hands (or ears) on the prizes. I’ve asked Audible about it, and I’m waiting to hear back, but meanwhile I have FIVE .com and TWO codes for the Last Line audiobooks to give away. Who wants ’em? Just leave a comment here and tell me whether you’d need codes for or I’ll pick my magnificent seven winners on Tuesday. It’s a brilliant production, with a proper Brit narrator and everything! 😀


8 thoughts on “Audiobook Giveaway! Last Line

  1. May I be placed in the hat for an code, please. I’m a person who loves to read in audio & text for the different experience each offers, so I’m excited for the Last Line audiobook win or not. Thank you for the chance, Harper!

    (Besides the giveaway, just because we’re talking about your audiobooks, I just want to say that Scrap Metal is one of my favorite audiobooks, such a superb combination of story and narration. Maybe one day I’ll be able to add Brothers of the Wild North Sea to that list.)

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  2. Audio books are a relatively new discovery of mine but I am hooked (and try to hook everyone I talk with). Nine Lights Over Edinburgh is a favorite. I’m a .com person and will be getting this whether I win or not.

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  3. Sorry, dear WordPressers – all the winners for my Last Line giveaway came from Facebook. But I’ll be posting competitions shortly for my other recent Audible releases, so please keep an eye out for my blog posts. Thank you for playing and for the lovely comments!


  4. I just finished listening to Last Line 2, and I am so hoping there will be another one at some point down the line. I was so sucked in by the writing, the characters and their portrayal, and the reader was too-notch. Major kudos.


    1. So sorry for the delay in replying to this, Wendy! I’m mired in deadlines and even more inefficient than usual. Thank you for your kind words about the Last Lane audio. I had an excellent narrator. Yes, I do plan to continue Mike and John’s story in future! x


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