Tyack & Frayne Book 7 is live!

pbb_coverAnd this has to be my most pitiful effort at any kind of release-day hoop-la ever. I’m so sorry! Life hit me from six different directions at once, and it’s only now, at quarter to one in the morning after release day, that I’m getting anywhere near my computer. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have made Preacher, Prophet, Beast a success in spite of me. Thank you for the lovely big pile of pre-orders! I’m really pleased, and grateful to all. Here are the buy links for Smashwords and Amazon.




Amazon UK


Amazon. com


3 thoughts on “Tyack & Frayne Book 7 is live!

  1. Thank you! I love your books and I own all the Tyack & Frayne series but I would really like to get them in audiobook. Any plans for this?


    1. Yes, Jennifer – I’m delighted to say that all the Tyack & Frayne volumes are currently in production for release through Audible. I’ll post as soon as they go live, and I’ll have some promo codes to give away, so keep a look out. Great to hear that you enjoy my work. 🙂


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