Scrap Metal available again

arran ferryHappy to say that the grand old Arran ferry can set sail again – I’ve finally got round to publishing Scrap Metal through FoxTales. That means that all of my former Samhain Publishing books – Driftwood, Scrap Metal, The Salisbury Key, Brothers of the Wild North Sea and Cold Fusion – are now once more unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. 😀 Although perhaps I should say “suspecting public”, because apart from the cover material, I must make clear that these editions are the same as those previously released by Samhain. I wish I could have found time to add some extra material , but really I just wanted to make the books available again.

Although I still miss Samhain, converting the books for FoxTales has been a good experience. They’ve had their main sales run, so keeping overheads low was important, and I had fun of a weird sort, reformatting and tinkering around with chapter heads and suchlike. Of course re-wording the blurbs boiled down to five little slices of hell, but that was offset by the very enjoyable process of creating the cover art (with the exception of Scrap Metal‘s, which I bought from Samhain because I think it lovely). My cover-art creations are by no means perfect. However, overall I’m very pleased with them, and I’ve gained some useful skills.

Here are the buy links for Scrap Metal. Nichol and Cameron did so well for me, and now those good lads can continue to send their wages home. ;-D



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