Available to pre-order – When First I Met My King

wfimmk_cover_finalWell, I am officially the world’s worst at marketing. I’m sure the author shouldn’t be more or less the last to know her book is available for pre-order, releasing on 30th September. 😀 How I make a living in this business is a mystery to me, but I’m very grateful to all my wonderful readers who keep me in the game despite myself. Here are the buy links for Amazon UK and .com. (I will be releasing the book via Smashwords too, but not on pre-order.)



I’ll be honest – publishing my Arthur story as a trilogy was a business decision, and not my first choice. I’d have loved to be able to take the time to release all three books in one volume, or at least to have very short gaps between volumes. As things stand, we’re looking at Book 2 around the end of the year, and Book 3 in March of next. I need around three releases a year to stay viable, and so far this year I’m not doing terribly well to keep with that programme!

I’m aware that a lot of you aren’t fans of cliffhangers, and I understand that, especially when there’s then a long wait for the next book. The books in the Arthur trilogy won’t leave you dangling too badly, I promise – but I will say that the volumes aren’t standalone. It’s a big, luxuriant tale, with mystery, dragons, and a slowly unfolding romance which I trust will break and remake your hearts as thoroughly as it has done mine.



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