Cold Fusion – FoxTales edition

CF coverIt’s been a while since I blogged, and the reason is so pitiful I hardly dare share it – I forgot my email/password combo for WordPress and got myself locked out. I know, I know. Desperate. But I’ve hacked back in, and I thought I should share a quick update on the state of play with regard to my Samhain titles.

I think most people know by now that Samhain closed at the end of February. I’ve decided that, on balance, the quickest and most economical way of getting my five Samhain books back into circulation is for me and Missus to cottage-industry them out via FoxTales. This will keep my overheads minimal, and I need to bear that in mind because, although the books did great for me with the publisher, they’ve more or less finished their main sales run.

So, slowly but surely, the books will reappear – Driftwood, The Salisbury Key, Scrap Metal, Brothers of the Wild North Sea. I’ve already got Cold Fusion reissued to Amazon and Smashwords. It feels odd telling people not to buy my books, but please bear in mind that, although the covers will be different, all these new editions will be exactly the same as the Samhain versions you may have purchased. I’m making that clear in the description/blurbs, to avoid confusion. However, if you haven’t yet got your copy of Cold Fusion, here are the buy links, and watch this space for news about the others!



My Festive Shortie – Buy Links


Quite a strange experience, writing this in a fortnight after spending every waking hour since February wrapped up in Seven Summer Nights! I fell in love very fast with Karan and Rob, and I hope you enjoy their little story, too. Here are the buy links:-

Another audiobook giveaway!

halfmoonchambersSo! I think you enjoyed my Last Line audiobook giveaway, and as we plough into the festivities, I’d like to chuck a few more gifties in your direction. This time it’s the Half Moon Chambers audiobook, which, let me tell you, is a rockin’, gorgeous, authentic and lovely adaptation, and I am *fussy* about my voices. 🙂 Once more I have FIVE codes to give away for, and TWO for, and once more all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which you’d like, and Lucy and I will random-pick some winners on Monday. Good luck! xxx

Audiobook Giveaway! Last Line

LastLine cover finalWell, let’s get this audiobook giveaway launched! I’ve been waiting because, although I have gift codes for and, I’m not sure how my European friends can get their hands (or ears) on the prizes. I’ve asked Audible about it, and I’m waiting to hear back, but meanwhile I have FIVE .com and TWO codes for the Last Line audiobooks to give away. Who wants ’em? Just leave a comment here and tell me whether you’d need codes for or I’ll pick my magnificent seven winners on Tuesday. It’s a brilliant production, with a proper Brit narrator and everything! 😀

Seven Summer Winners!

lucycomp041216Well, this was a great little competition. Thank you so much for all the comments. Tyack & Frayne was a winner by a head, neck, and most of the horse, but there were a lot of votes for The Salisbury Key – more than I’d anticipated, and I’ll definitely bear this in mind for the future. It was all food for thought, that’s for sure. I do feel very called to return my attentions to Gideon and Lee as soon as possible in the New Year, but if I’m granted time, strength and imagination, I will eventually turn my attentions to Daniel and Rayne, Sasha and Laurie, and that brand-new Foxanormal. 😀

I really appreciate that so many of you took the time to share your thoughts with me. I had plenty of names to put into my absurd woolly hat, and Lucy (as you can see) was very excited about picking seven of you out. Here are the winners:

From here at the blog – Simon, Carolyn, Dewi and Pat Steifer

And from Facebook –

Justine Anderson, Mary Grimm and Chrystalla Thoma.

Congrats to you all! Now I need to know what prizes you’d like. Please email me at, or PM me on Facebook with your email addie. Remember, you can choose any ebook from my current list – check it out at – and that includes Seven Summer Nights, or if you’ve already got those, I’ll put you down for a copy of my Christmas novella, releasing, I sincerely hope, on 22nd December. If I fail miserably in my festive ambitions, I’ll put you down for whatever comes next off the busy FoxTales press!

Well, what should I write next, then?


Seven Summer Nights is out! Here are the buy links:-

Amazon UK:


All Romance eBooks

Now, I think I warned you over on my Facebook page that there would be FUN. I want to give some books away, dammit! And I also want to pick your brains a bit, so this is a two-birds-with-one-stone job.

I’m exhausted after finished Seven Summer Nights, and I’ve had to dive straight into some very hard on my festive shortie, which may or may not happen. It has a great title – When Christmas Lights Are Blue – but I understand that it also has to have some words in it to make it saleable.

Honestly, you lot are so demanding. 😀

So, here’s a not-exactly-competition. Anyone who gives me an answer will get their names put into Lucy’s little hat in the usual way, and on Sunday I will pick out seven of you – yes, seven, because, y’know, Seven Summer Nights, and… well, marketing. (I know how to do this stuff!) My seven winners can choose an ebook each, and it can be Seven Summer Nights, anything from my backlist, or, if they’re lovely folks who’ve already bought every word I’ve written (and have I told you lately that I love you?), I’ll put them down for a copy of When Christmas Lights Are Blue. Or – as I have to say, because time is running out, and my brains are quite broken – if my Christmas Lights don’t switch on in time, I’ll put those winners’ names down for a free copy of whatever I write next.

Which brings me to the competition. What the hell do I write next? I’ve got a few ideas noodling around in my skull, and I’d love some feedback on what would be most popular. Just tell me, either here in the comments or over at my Facebook, which option you’d like to see emerging next from the FoxTales Factory – either 1, 2, 3 or 4. I’m not saying I’ll take any notice of the winning choice… because I’m a monster, mu-hah-hahhhh! …but your opinion will definitely influence my thinking, and although I’m plainly a little bit delirious and hysterical today, I’d really value your thoughts. And, as I say, there’s no “right answer” to get your name put in the hat – I just need a number.

So, here we go:-

Option 1: Sasha and Laurie Get Married. This would be book three of the Midwinter Prince series, and, as you might gather from the title, perhaps not as serious as the previous two. It will be a fun romp. But you know life is never straightforward for my Prince boys, so I’d also be taking a fun look at post-Brexit Britain and the upsurge in racism and general intolerance as the lads negotiate their way to the altar. I know, right? So much fun. 😀

Option 2: A Salisbury Key sequel. I’d have to sell this one to Samhain because they still hold the rights, but it’s definitely something I’d consider if enough folks wanted to see it. Summer and Winter Rayne still have a lot to say for themselves, and fans will know that I left Winter on the verge of a rather amazing discovery. And Dan and Rayne are settling now into their long-term romance, and have many adventures in store.

Option 3: Preacher, Prophet, Beast. Another good title, I think, and, “What would that be for, Harper?” I hear you say. Well, what that would be for is book seven in the Tyack & Frayne series, and I think a few of you might just enjoy another encounter with Gideon and Lee. I’m planning a longer book for them this time, and a great deal of danger and upheaval in the strange world of Dark.

Option 4: A brand-new novel, and I really don’t have many more ideas beyond that, except that I think I’d like to go contemporary, adventurous, maybe with a big dash of magic thrown in. I don’t want to say “paranormal”, because I love my readers who don’t love paranormals and I want to keep ’em, so paranormal to the extent that the Tyack & Frayne series is paranormal – ie a strong real-world setting, but all kinds of gateways opening out of that into mysterious realms. Which, for me, is just the way things are, so perhaps I need a new category. Fox-anormal?!


There you go, then.  Tell me which of those appeals the most, and on Sunday, Lucy Fur and I will pick the winners. I’ve had a very small peek, and Seven Summer Nights is doing fine. I never chart outrageously with my indie-pubbed work, but a visit to the top hundred on Amazon is lovely, and very much appreciated, so thank you to everyone who’s bought the book so far, and I really hope you enjoy it.

Let me take you away…

seven-summer-nights-customdesign-jayaheer2016-3drenderWinter has descended upon us early here in the wilds of the north – cold winds, late dawns, early dusk. Out in the broader world, I think most of you would agree that things are a little bleak and challenging, too.

So I’d like to take you away. I’d like to transport you back in time to the very first summer after the end of World War Two. I’d like you to come with me to a strange and ancient village nestled amongst the hills of the South Downs, a mysterious landscape of chalk-carved figures, deep-shaded valleys, and wide, wild hilltops under a shimmering blue sky.

I won’t be taking you to paradise, even if that’s how it sounds. Rufus and Archie’s world is a broken one, too. The dust of a global conflict is just beginning to settle, and then – just as now – being different means danger, and requires all the strength of loving hearts.

But come on the journey anyway. I want to immerse you in a world of summer magic, and burgeoning love between two complex, lonely and life-scarred men. This is the longest book I’ve ever written, and I hope that my vicar and his shellshocked archaeologist are among my best-developed MCs. I’d like to say a big thank-you to the wonderfully talented Jay Aheer, for so beautifully realising my vision in the cover art.

I’m releasing on 30th of November, but Amazon has been frighteningly quick about loading the pre-order! Here are the links for .com and, and on release day I’ll also be making the book available on Smashwords and All Romance. Then, schedule permitting, I’ll get a print version ready by mid-December.

SevenSummerNights preorder

SevenSummerNights preorder